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Future World exhibition at the ArtScience Museum

Future World exhibition at the ArtScience Museum

I’ve just been in  Edinburgh as part of this year’s writing team for The Sick of the Fringe, a project commissioned by the Wellcome Trust. For five days, I packed in as many Festival shows as possible, and will be making diagnoses about the conversations performers were having in relation to physical and mental health. Listen in to my week through a series of podcasts from the Fringe.

Another of my latest podcasts is an edit of live recordings made in the Future World exhibition at Singapore’s ArtScience Museum – a virtuoso show full of impressive interactivity and digital experiences.

You can also hear my podcast review of the show CLD: The Real Lewis Carroll, a musical I saw in Oxford – listen in to find out about the scandal in the life of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and the ways in which Victorian social pressures left so many people with psychological scars.

Here also is a comedy podcast with Richard O Smith about the World’s Unluckiest Geologist, William Smith.

I’m always on the lookout for engineering stories to pitch to my editor, the wonderful

Posers science comedy podcast

Posers science comedy podcast

Vitali Vitaliev, at E&T magazine.

Most recently I’ve written about what it will take for drone delivery to take off, and graphene to get out of the lab and into commercial products. Previously I looked at Magna Carta and the digital revolution in the law, examining whether the legal system could ever finally leave paper behind. Another piece looked at what all the 50,000 apprentices aged over 50 are doing, while another compared the political parties’ varying approaches to apprenticeships in engineering.

Cherwell Valley, Banbury

Cherwell Valley, Banbury

I’ve also covered flood barriers and dams causing controversy, looking at situations in Hampstead Heath and my home town of Banbury.

I profiled Tom Karen, veteran designer of the marble run, Bond Bug and Chopper bike. You can hear a podcast of my interview with Tom – complete with classic marble sounds.

Designer Tom Karen at his home

Also in the archive are pieces on Daphne Oram’s legacy in electronic music, the ways in which our digital systems can be wide open to cyberspies, and bionic flying bugs learning from nature.

Catch up with the magazine’s latest issue.

You can also watch a video interview The Computer After Me, with Dr Jeremy Pitt, expert in Intelligent Systems at Imperial College, filmed by Callum Egan on location in London.