Mildenhall Museum text-writing

Collaboration is a wonderful thing, and it’s been really great working with Neill Richardson from Objectives and Matt Bigg from Surface 3 on the new HLF-funded Mildenhall Museum. Rosey Clark provided the incredible illustrations which bring to life the people of prehistory and Anglo-Saxon times.

My role involved helping define the big stories of the museum, writing new text for the Fen and Breck, Town and Air galleries, and editing the full script and object labels.

Mildenhall Museum

Mildenhall Museum

I’ve just had a look at Tripadvisor to see what people are making of the new displays, and it’s lovely to see things like this which tell the story:

“This newly expanded and renovated provincial museum is an absolute wonder. Their artifacts range from Bronze Age, through Victorian into the 20th century. The town has always had close links with the nearby airbase and the famous UK to Australia air race started from Mildenhall.

Local chemists' display

Local chemists’ glassware

“This museum punches well above its weight having recently secured the remains of a Bronze Age warrior and his horse found several years ago in a dig at nearby RAF Lakenheath. This unusual find was fully studied and documented and Mildenhall Museum is now the resting place for this fantastic find. Well worth a visit (or several).”

Visitors are enjoying Neill’s designs for the expanded exhibition space, and Matt’s graphic design.


Mildenhall Ware pot to put together

“Excellent activities for children have been incorporated into the new design. This volunteer run museum is something not to be missed when visiting this East Anglian market town”

“…the recent refurb has given it a fabulous new lease of life. The exhibits are well marked and interesting – there are supplementary drawers in most exhibits which offer even more information.”

Eels once wriggled through the Fens

Eels once wriggled through the Fens

“What a delight! We had been at Wicken Fen this morning and we both could see the linking history and the story of where we live. Great touchable things, learned more in around an hour about East Anglia than in over 25 years living here.”

The team of volunteers at Mildenhall who have worked so hard to bring the project to fruition are now enjoying welcoming visitors to see the results.

“Volunteers were all lovely, really good atmosphere, very welcoming. Will return soon.”