Profiling Tom Karen


Tom Karen

Tom Karen designed the original Marble Run

In the current issue of Engineering and Technology Magazine you can read my profile of Tom Karen, industrial designer and head of Ogle Design. (You may need to register – it’s free.)

From the classic Chopper bike and the Marble Run toy, to the quirky three-wheel sports car called the Bond Bug, all Tom’s designs have something playful about them, and I had a great time going over to Cambridge to interview him at home.

Banbury's flood defences

Banbury’s flood defences

In the same issue there’s a feature I’ve written about our approach to flood risk in the UK. I look at the award-winning and sympathetic Banbury flood defence scheme which uses passive concrete baffles to reduce the flow through the town in the event of a surge. And in contrast, at the outcry over plans to build huge dams at Hampstead Ponds, threatening an environment much-loved for outdoor swimming.