Museum Interpretation

With twenty years’ experience in museums, I now work with teams around the world on interpretation projects and text-writing. I began my career with ten years at the Science Museum, and in a review of a gallery in which I led the interpretation, Museums Journal wrote:

“The exhibition succeeds brilliantly in its use of text, pitched beautifully in terms of quantity and content.”

As well as contributing to the museums press, my recent freelance and consultancy projects include:

  • Writing text for Bacterial World, the latest exhibition in Oxford University Museum of Natural History’s contemporary science series, looking at how these tiniest of organisms have such a huge impact on our lives

“This is a sublime scientific and imaginative journey to the bottom of the sea…  Colossal bones, recorded whale sounds and a lucid account of their evolution, make for a haunting and informative encounter with some of the most astonishing animals on earth.” – The Guardian’s review by Jonathan Jones

“Somehow, the exhibition’s clever curation and simple-enough labels manage to make the evolution clear to understand for all ages– amazingly, their ancestors used to even walk on land” – Kids in Museums review by Chloe Turner

  • …and also for the Natural History Museum’s touring Treasures show launched in Tokyo and until recently at the ArtScience Museum, Singapore
  • Writing the exhibition text for The Play’s the Thing, a permanent exhibition created by the Royal Shakespeare Company and reviewed here by the Telegraph
  • Researching content and writing text for the Brain Diaries exhibition at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, about which a reviewer in The Lancet wrote “Brain Diaries offers an excellent introduction to the development of the healthy brain”
  • Creating a tone guide and writing text for the new Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre (SAASCC) in Kuwait, with Cultural Innovations

I am a member of the Museums Association and the Group for Education in Museums.