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Sunday 7th August, 2016

Did you know, I once did a work placement at the BBC’s World Service? It was a while ago, admittedly – one of the stories I reported on was the 1995 discovery of prehistoric DNA inside bees trapped in ancient amber.

William Smith's geological map of England

William Smith’s geological map of England

But however aged that makes me feel, I am delighted to be putting my radio skills back into action with various new podcasting projects.

I’m about to go to Edinburgh as part of this year’s writing team for The Sick of the Fringe, a project commissioned by the Wellcome Trust. For five days, I’ll pack in as many Festival shows as possible, making diagnoses about the conversations performers are having in relation to physical and mental health. Some of these will be in the form of podcasts – so check in at to find those.

Future World at the ArtScience Museum, Singapore

Future World at the ArtScience Museum, Singapore

I have also been working with Richard O Smith (writer on The Now Show and The News Quiz) to write and produce a 20-minute scripted podcast about the story of William Smith, the world’s unluckiest geologist. Find out about the ups, but mostly downs, of this pioneering map-maker’s life.

Shorter podcasts include a review of CLD: The Real Lewis Carroll, a musical full of songs and scandal that I saw in Oxford. Hear from director David Kettle, actor Stewart Briggs (Dodgson) and writer Jane Bramwell about the production.

And on a trip to see family in Singapore, I visited an ambitious new digital gallery at the ArtScience Museum, where my children effortlessly outwitted me at every turn. So listen in to that and hear me unwisely tackling a slide, among other things.

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